Sunday, November 16, 2014

Week 2

I have so many good ideas for projects that I want to do so I have chosen lock picking as my first. I want to learn how to  pick a lock because I think it would be really cool and it might come in handy if I can learn how to open a door without a key. After watching countless James Bond movies and a handful of Dexter seasons, I really want to learn how to pick locks. I searched the internet and I have found a beginner’s lock picking set, but I’m going to check the hardware store to see if they have a lock pick set, and skip all of the ordering online stuff. The beginner’s set comes with a book but I will find a tutorial online or a book at the library. Hopefully, I will have time on Sunday to look for a set.

My other possible projects for this year:
Learning how to become a better photographer/using a digital camera
Riding a uni-cycle
Stringing a traditional lacrosse stick
Building my own road bicycle


  1. I think lock picking is a really cool skill to have. It isn't common so you'd probably stand out a little but I think it is very interesting. Doing something on your list a month will is a really cool idea and I have some of the same interests that you do on that list.

  2. Hello my name is Kaileigh. I really like your idea. Lock picking would be such a cool thing to do! Not going to lie I've tried picking the lock to my siblings room many many times with no luck. I just didn't really have any motivation to learn how to do it because I wouldn't use it too much. Anyway, I think that its a great thing that you want to learn how to do it and I think it would be really fun!