Sunday, December 7, 2014

Week 4

Just like any good professional athlete they have to change directions at any given time. Well for me now is the time. It is extremely hard to find a lock pick set, i’m losing interest in the project so it’s time for something new. And my parents were not being supportive of me doing something potentially illegal. I have a good friend in South Carolina that has gotten three concussions in the twelve months in club and varsity soccer teams. I find that very weird and concerning how he keeps getting concussion after concussion. My mom also has a friend that just got one in tennis from a ball hitting her in the back of the head. Also I have a hockey teammate that was out for a couple weeks due to a concussion.

There’s so much false information floating around about concussions that it all needs to be cleared up. I plan on making a small little notecard that hopefully coaches, parents and athletes can pick up from the athletic office and store in their jackets, or bags. I would make it in an easy to comprehend and visually appealing manner, to be more aware of the symptoms of a concussion. And possibly having a PDF on the South website for parents and anyone who wants one to have their own copy. My goal is to elevate concussion awareness to parents and players in Grosse Pointe. I plan to research information currently available and possibly ask well known local doctors, also the MAC and the personal trainer here on staff. And the officiating bodies over youth sports programs and concussion awareness organizations.


  1. Kinda sucks the whole lock picking thing, I'd need that information to get into my car most of the time, but honestly the whole concussion thing scares me because I just don't want to get a concussion sliding into second, my team could really use the info though, and I think what your doing your project on would be beneficial to everyone out there. Best of luck and Merry Christmas... Or Merry early Christmas...

  2. Hey Holmie watup! Good luck on the concussion testing! That sounds like an awesome topic