Monday, April 20, 2015

Blog Post #11

I need to get the word out about concussions and I have several options in order to do just that.

1st route:
Contact Mrs. Barrett the principle at Richard Elementary to find out if I can pass out concussion flyers at their field day on June 5th. The only problem with this is that they're elementary school kids and can't hold on to anything for more than two minutes.

2nd route: 
Create a space at newly named GPCR ice arena to have items that people can pick up for concussion awareness. The space could possibly be a little stand in the pro shop so when parents get their kids skates sharpened they can pick up a flyer about how to protect them as well.

These are just some ideas of how to get the word out about concussions but I plan on contacting people sometime this week or next week.

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