Sunday, May 10, 2015

Reflection Blog Post

I tend to not think things through. I didn’t think about what this project would spiral into or what I would do if I followed through with my choice. I wish I could go back in time and re-think my project to something that I always wanted to do.

I chose concussions for my twenty-time project and how they happened and what you could do to prevent them. I did my research and found what caused concussions and how you could prevent them and even asked my doctor when the highest rate of concussions were. I did all this research and I still wish I had chosen something else. I really wasn’t that into it to begin with but I was hoping that I would be in the end, but it didn’t end up that way. It didn’t grab my attention like other things have, it was just a burden.

Looking back at it I wish I had learned to play the ukulele. I know it sounds a little dumb but it goes back to 5th grade. I played piano when I was younger like most little kids do but I never liked practicing and I didn’t like playing “old fashioned” music. But then I started playing the clarinet in fifth grade to get out of class early but again I didn’t really like it. Mostly because it involves actually producing the sound with the mouth. I never really liked that idea, too many variables are involved with the respiratory system and extending it to its limits when playing.

But I always wanted to play something with strings. Some of my friends played the guitar and I always thought it was pretty cool how all you had to do was strum a few strings on piece of wood. I don’t think I could handle a full size guitar so that’s why I would chose the ukulele. As the recorder is to the clarinet, the ukulele is to the guitar.

Finally reaching the final weeks of this project I have realized that I have a problem with procrastination and that needs to change immediately if I ever want to go to a good college or be successful at a job and most importantly, at school. I have an attitude of “I’ll do it tomorrow” not the attitude I should have of “do it now”. I could of done my project on ways to not procrastinate.

But now I’m struggling to find time in order to get all of this done. AP test, this twenty time speech. It’s all becoming too much, I wish I had started sooner, I wish I had done this two weeks ago. I wish I didn’t have this much work to do at the end of the year. These are all wishes that have come true and now it’s my responsibility to fix them.

I have some advice for future twenty-timers. Make sure you think thoroughly about your project and what you can do with it and how this will help people around you and yourself. Find something interesting that you’ve never done before and try it. Participate in an Iron Man or start a IM soccer club for high schoolers. Overall the concept of this project was good but my personal project was terrible, if I had an idea I was more engaged with earlier it would of gone a lot smoother.

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